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by Anita Shreve
read by Read by Robert Petkoff, Eve Bianco, Ellen Archer, Bryan Kennedy, Sherman Howard, Kevin T. Collins, Joshua Swanson, Jill Apple, Nick Sullivan, Cassandra Norris, Henry Leyva, Suzanne Toren, and Stephanie Wolfe

      Testimony is an exciting book for all ages. Young audiences can easily relate to the trials of the characters, while older readers can sympathize with their plights. Testimony takes the reader on a journey through adolescence in a small New England town where a scandal breaks out involving three boys at Avery Academy, a private boarding school. The Headmaster stumbles upon a video tape of a drunken free-for-all with a fourteen-year-old student. When he calls those involved in for questioning, trying to keep the whole episode within the confines of the school's internal disciplinary function, the young "alleged" victim cries out to the police to hide her own guilt, and a local reporter gets hold of the story.

What takes place next is a series of revelations—for everyone from the students and parents to the Headmaster himself—which break down the unity of the town and the school.

The drama takes place around the main character, Silas, and his girlfriend, Noelle. It ends in disaster for all involved.

The audio readers were excellent, and the storyline was well developed. I really liked the way the book was laid out. The story was told through the thoughts of each character individually, which gave an added insight into the feelings of each character as they perceived the events... thus the title, Testimony.

Anita Shreve’s Testimony is a winner. Although it is not really classifiable as a mystery, it shows that she has definitely mastered the art of Suspense. It will keep you twisted.

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October 21, 2008
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