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Then We Came to the End

by Joshua Ferris
read by Deanna Hurst

      Josh Ferris’s novel, Then We Came to the End, begins not like a novel but a performance by a stand-up comic. The unusual use of the first person plural is at first disconcerting, but as the reader gets into the novel he finds that the perspective from the first person plural is illuminating.

When the dot com bubble bursts, these characters in Then We Came to the End begin to act in human ways - denying that they could be next to be let go, stealing things from co-workers. One worker (Chris Yup) comes back to work even though he had been fired several days earlier. A host of other characters exhibit unusual qualities as one would expect in a workplace of this sort. These characters come across as stock characters until Lynn Mason and the rest of the staff find out that she has cancer. At that point the author switches to the third person singular and the characters become real and display more compassionate feelings and actions. Although the comical part of the novel was excellent, it is the interaction between Lynn and her staff that pushes the book over the top as a winner. The book was well read by Deanna Hurst, and this makes it a very easy book to listen to. If you are not into audio books, check out the printed version.

The Book

Hachette Audio
March 2008
Abridged Audiobook / 4 CDs / 4.5 hrs.
1600242820 / 9781600242823
Contemporary fiction
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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2008
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