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Things I Want My Daughters To Know

by Elizabeth Noble

      I loved it! Elizabeth Noble has put together a heartwarming, believable story of a cancer victim, Barbara Forbes, who leaves letters full of passion for her four grieving daughters in words meant to comfort and guide them in the years ahead without her. Each daughter is in the throes of finding her way in the world, from twix to thirty, when her mother succumbs to breast cancer. Their father must become single parent to the youngest, Hannah, who must now grow up without her mum.

The story begins with Mumís funeral, and as each girl reads her personal letter, she embarks on her own unique journey to find happiness.

I found the book believable and full of a motherís endearing love for her girls, a mother dying of cancer wanting to leave a legacy of hope, given time. The rest of the story deals with each daughterís conflicts, joys, and sorrows as she goes through then grows out of their motherís tragedy.

And the wisdom is real. Although it is a work of fiction it comes very close to identifying with the family next door. Nobleís characters live very real sibling lives with all the conflicts and rivalry.

Noble has a great sense of ease in her writing style that brings honesty to every page. I recommend the book to mothers and daughters who have experienced loss, and for mothers and daughters who may be going through life with cancer.

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William Morrow
April 8, 2008
Fiction / Literary / Contemporary
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Reviewed 2008
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