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Touch of Fate

by Christine Amsden

      Touch of Fate, by Christine Amsden, was a unique and fun book to read.† I donít usually review or read this type of book, but over the last year, I have found myself broadening my horizons, so to speak.

I enjoyed this book.† Itís very well written, it keeps you interested in the characters and the story line from start to finish and it makes you want to keep reading to find out who did it and why!

Marianne discovers at a very young age that she possesses a power that all of us wish we had. Or do we?† She can predict the future, but not in the traditional sense.† She gets a feeling when reading the newspaper about what is about to happen.† She might not get all of the details on how it will happen, but she gets most of them, which is enough to come to a conclusion on how and what will happen, when and where.† This is a gift that most would love to have, but in her case, it really is a curse.

Not only does Marianne have this power, but so does her daughter Gabrielle.† For Gabrielle, it makes her teenage years even harder than most teenagers go through.† She has her teachers and guidance counselor convinced that she kills people as well as animals and has no conscience.† Not the case of course, but once someone gets an opinion of you in their head, itís really hard to change it!

Marianne decides that she needs to move to another city and get a fresh start.† Upon her arrival she discovers a group of ladies, from all walks of life, with similar powers.† They are a great sounding board for what they predict, but in the end, one will betray them!

So how will they deal with it?† What adventures will the reader be taken on and what will you discover about these ladies, and maybe even yourself?† Would you like to have powers such as these?† Keep reading this exceptional book and all of your questions will be answered, I predict!

The Book

Twilight Times Books
November 2007
Trade paperback
Paranormal / Fiction
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2008
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