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The Voice

by Bill Myers

      Christian fiction with a suspense twist! The premise of this latest Bill Myers title is that researchers are kidnapped for their knowledge and their skills, after creating a voiceprint methodology that purportedly captures God's Voice. Since Bill Myers is well known for his screenwriting as well, the novel has lots of chase scenes, and dramatic dialogue.

The protagonist in the story is an ex-special forces agent, Charlie Madison, who is reluctantly brought into the case by his niece, Jazmin, the daughter of the kidnapped investigators. Jazmin, the daughter of Charlie's sister, was involved in the creation of what Bill Myers calls the Program. Joined by the luscious and wily FBI agent Lisa Harmon, the trio search Europe, Africa and the Middle East for the kidnappers, all while trying to escape the fanatics from three major religions of the world, also seeking the Program at any cost.

There is so much action and so many plot manipulations in the first 10 or so pages that the reader may be bewildered about what is happening. In addition, the time sequences can be a bit confusing. But along with our reluctant hero, the readers eventually can get a grasp on who is doing what to whom and why. There is definitely a trend of non-stop action in the book, and combined with the faith perspective, the reader gets a very interesting ride with Charlie Madison.

The chase, joined by a few Catholic priests, some Mossad agents and an Islamic terrorist cell, adds to the perplexity and the complications of the plot. It is fascinating to see the foundation of modern technology used to pursue a religious theorem, and the intensity of the religious perspective both enhances and detracts from the storyline. If the Voice of God created our reality, can it also destroy it? That and other questions weave in and out of the pursuit scenes, and when the Program is finally revealed, and played, the results are mind-boggling. Recommended for those who have an understanding and appreciation of faith-based fiction, Bill Myers wraps his tale up with some timely thoughts and perceptions that will keep the reader thinking after the covers are closed. Enjoy!

The Book

Faith Words; An imprint of Hatchette Book Group USA
April 28, 2008
Trade Paperback
Christian Fiction
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Laura Strathman Hulka
Reviewed 2008
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