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Web of Destiny
The Kane Legacy #2

by Al Lacy and Joanna Lacy

      At the Alamo, Alan "Alamo" Kane lost his beloved brother Adam. Adam's death will forever haunt Alan's memory, but he finds comfort in knowing that one day they will be reunited in Heaven.

The Kane family grieves at the loss of Adam. His wife Julia is filled with regret that she was unable to tell him that she was with child. She knows that the love she and Adam shared will grow in the life of her unborn child.

Alamo silently prays that he will be strong enough to provide comfort to Julia for her great loss. Secretly he has always harbored feelings of affection for her and hopes that somehow this tragedy will bring them closer together.

Out west, the battle still rages on as the United States refuses to surrender to Mexico. General Sam Houston promises to bring down General Santa Anna. He knows this will be no easy task and will require the help of many men to fight for his cause. He requests that all volunteers join him to bring Santa Anna to his knees.

The Kane men once again agree to volunteer for a cause they believe in and go back to the battlefields, leaving their grief-stricken family behind. Will all return to their loved ones when the smoke clears, or will tragedy once again find its way to this close knit family?

Anyone who appreciates realistic history will love to read anything published by Al and Joanna Lacy. Their vivid words paint a picture that takes you back to that time. Web of Destiny is the second book in the Kane Legacy, and just as the first it offers an unforgettable saga that will leave readers counting the days until the next installment is published. Very highly recommended.

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Multnomah Books
March 18, 2008
1590529251 / 978-1590529256
Fiction / Inspirational / Historical 19th century Texas
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