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What Looks Like Crazy

by Charlotte Hughes

      Charlotte Hughes is Janet Evanovich's co-writer on the "Full" series of romance novels. Here she proves that she's a good match for Evanovich with the story of psychologist Kate Holly.

Holly has a small practice, an eccentric wealthy secretary (think Karen Walker from Will & Grace), a mother and aunt who've become famous as the "Junque Sisters"(who have gifted her with a sculpture for her front yard that has a Bible-thumping neighbor harassing her), an ex-finance who's a psychiatrist who demands to know the color of her panties before he'll answer her questions about patients, and an about to be ex-husband who's gorgeous and a fire fighter.

Most of Kate's patients have been referred to her by her ex-finance psychiatrist, and he seems to delight in sending her the most extreme patients possible. So, from one minute to the next, she has one threatening to jump off a building and another threatening to blow her up.

Her secretary is trying to build her business by having open house Mondays, offering free manicures and pedicures to patients.

In the midst of all of this, the only person Kate seems to be helping is a mousey young woman who seems to be unable to stand up for herself. With Kate's careful work, she finally seems to be able to stand up for herself and tries to take control of her life. This includes taking control of her crazy roommate and getting her and her drunken boyfriend out of her house.

So while the fundamentalists are marching in front of her house with signs protesting her obscene sculpture, when Kate begins to get threatening phone calls, she just assumes it's someone else from her busy-body neighbor's church.

Through all of this the one person who seems to be able to help her is her soon to be ex-husband. Kate left him because she can't stand worrying that he won't come home some night from his very dangerous job as a fire fighter. She lost her father to a fire, as he was also with the department, and she refuses to go through that pain again.

She thought if she left him, he'd be willing to give up his job and come after her. He didn't. But now he's back in her life, and suddenly she's the one who's looking like she might end up dead because of her job!

The book is light, entertaining, and Kate's relationships are all fun. Finding out who really wants Kate dead is a nice twist, and the sexy exes in her life are definitely hot.

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February 26, 2008
0515144231 / 978-0515144239
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