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Wife Goes On

by Leslie Lehr

      Wife Goes On, by Leslie Lehr, is a great book that all of us can relate too at some point in our lives.

Four women all have one thing in common; their relationships are ending and they will all be alone.  Divorce is one of those things that we all hope will not happen, but sometimes it does.  This book depicts the struggles that people go through when this part of their life changes.

Annette is a very respected lawyer with a child.  Her life was changed the moment her husband told her he was gay and in love with someone else.

Diana, a mother with two children, living in a wonderful house in the suburbs, finds out that her husband Steve has a gambling problem and all of their money and even the house has been lost.

Bonnie marries the heart throb football player right out of high school, has two young children and decides one day, this is not the life she hoped for herself.

Lana falls in love with a fellow actor while on the set of a steamy movie, Happens Everyday. What also happens everyday is that the same actor cheats on her while on his next movie set.

Do you see a pattern here? Life goes on, or as the title proclaims, Wife Goes On!

This was a wonderfully written book that I could associate with and admire as I continued reading it.  This is what really happens when you divorce. You usually lose it all and have to step back, examine what happened and move on with your life.  Hard to do, and some are more successful at it than others, but in the end, life goes on.

I recommend this wonderful book!  Kudos Leslie!

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March 1, 2008
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