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Andy Stevenson vs The Lord of the Loins
Sequel to A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Sexual Orientation

by Kage Alan


Kage Alan continues his coming-of-age tale in Andy Stevenson vs The Lord of the Loins. It is still 1989, and Andy Stevenson is eager to assume his new identity as a gay man when he enters his sophomore year of college. In the first book, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Sexual Orientation (also reviewed on, Andy at last comes to terms with his sexual identity. In this next installment, readers are introduced to two of Andy's best friends: fellow novelist-to-be Ryan, and Miss Kim, a buxom black woman who has her eyes on Andy's new love interest, Tristan, the blond Adonis poet. But that's the least of the complications in this new story. Tristan doesn't believe in commitment and actually wants to introduce Andy to the joys of one-night stands among his friends. Meanwhile, Andy finds he's falling for half-Asian Alan who wants monogamy. Besides trying to deal with his romantic life, Andy applies himself to his classes, begins a novel, and keeps his friends from going for their throats or his.

Still writing in a witty autobiographical style, Kage Alan has created a comic, romantic romp that is very tasteful. It is probably the better book of the two about Andy Stevenson because it has a stronger plot. Though the author continues to make acerbic observations about people and institutions, there is more story here. And, like its predecessor, it starts off in the same stand-up comedy vein, but doesn't rely on it to support the story—the plot does just fine by itself. Well done.

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Zumaya Boundless
July 10, 2008
Trade paperback
1934841005 / 978-1934841006
Fiction, Literary
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