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Bird in Hand

by Christina Baker Kline


Bird in Hand deals with how relationships can falter and how a simple accident can affect so many different people.  Alison and Charlie seem to have the perfect marriage. However, things are not always what they seem. Just like with Alison’s best friend Claire and her husband Ben.  Their relationships with each other are so much more intertwined than originally imagined. What is the true story behind these people and their relationships with each other?

Bird in Hand is a powerful story. The characterizations of Alison, Charlie, Claire and Ben are created so differently from each other that it allows the tensions of the situations between them to play out perfectly.  There are thoughts of jealousy, betrayals and lies.  No one can quite imagine what the true situation is until it is fully confirmed.  Even though Bird in Hand  starts off with what seems to be a simple accident, it ends with so much more.

Bird in Hand would probably make a pretty good movie given the right cast to play these essential roles. Many people would be able to relate to the situations that all of the characters find themselves in.

The Book

William Morrow
August 11, 2009
ARC for Hardcover
Fiction: General
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2009
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