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The Christmas Secret
Christmas Hope series, No. 5

by Donna Van Liere


Christine Eisley is a single mother who is working as a waitress to support her two young sons. Her ex-husband is delinquent with his child support but still tries to gain custody of their sons. Christy is in danger of losing her job because she is late arriving at work. Her tardiness is caused by her not very dependable baby sitters. In addition to all her other problems, she is also being evicted because she is behind in her rent.

Hurrying on her way to work, she sees a car stopped in the road with a woman collapsed at the wheel. She administers CPR after calling for help. When she arrives late at the restaurant the owner refuses to accept her excuse and fires her. A fortunate stop at Betty's Bakery and Restaurant results in her being hired to replace an employee who is on maternity leave. At Betty's she finds a new world of friends and learns secrets about her childhood.

Christine has saved the life of a longtime employee of Wilson's Department Store. Its owner wants to find her to thank her but is unable to find "Christy". He gives the job of finding her to his grandson, Jason. Jason is waiting to find a job he feels qualified for, not one working for Marshall's Department Store, which he feels he is overqualified for. He reluctantly sets out to find "Christy" and in the search finds fulfillment, love and a purpose in life.

The Christmas Secret is an excellent story of hope, faith and love. It is delightful, full of twists and turns with a cast of very likeable human characters. Its message is that we are all here to help one another ease the burdens of life.

The Book

St Martins Press
October 2009
9780312558369 / 0312558368
Fiction / inspirational
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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