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The Christmas Secret

by Donna VanLiere


The Christmas Secret is a heartwarming story about a young lady who works in a restaurant as a waitress. She is divorced and has sole custody of her two children, Zach and Hailey, both very young. Her ex-husband, Brad Eisley, keeps bothering her, wanting visitation rights without paying child support. Christine Eisley refuses to let him have the children or even see them until he has caught up his child support.

Things got pretty bad for Christine. She had lost her job and was being evicted from the duplex she rented. Since it was almost Christmas, she didn’t want to have to move. But the landlord, noting that she was behind on the rent, said he couldn’t work with her any longer. She would simply have to find another place to live.

Finding a place she could afford was easier said than done. She got a new job as a waitress at Betty’s Bakery. There, she met a young man who thought her name was Rosemary. He was quite good looking and seemed very charming. But, had he been sent by Brad to spy on her? Was he trying to find something he could use to get the kids? Only Brad called her Christi and this gentleman had asked for Christie.

The Christmas Secret is a well written story with characters who are not only believable, they are totally human. They are typical of most people today. They go through the same trials that plague many of us. The problem of divorce and making ends meet is common to a lot of young women.

The story follows a "small world" track that really makes it heartwarming at the end. There are Christmas miracles. The Christmas Secret shows us that we can have them if we have faith. Pick up this wonderful little story and get yourself in the mood for Christmas!

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Macmillan Audio
October 13, 2009
Audiobook / Unbridged / CDs / Appx 6 hours
1427207658 / 978-1427207654
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