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Easy on the Eyes

by Jane Porter


Tiana Tomlinson, host of TV news and entertainment show America Tonight, is feeling the pressure. She’s 38 years old, and her bosses want her to get a little work done—plastic surgery—to keep a youthful profile. And if that’s not enough, her young protégé, Shelby, is gunning for her job. Tiana feels insulted; her skills, talents, and tenacity, rather than her looks, have gotten her where she is. But the studio execs—and her agent, Max—don’t see it that way.

It doesn’t help that she keeps running into Michael O’Sullivan, plastic surgeon to the stars, whom she despises for his part in perpetrating the Barbie doll standard for success. When the two of them wind up in Zambia on different projects, she to film acts of medical philanthropy and he as a volunteer doctor, Tiana begins to wonder at this new side of Dr. Hollywood, as O’Sullivan is called. For seven years she’s grieved for her husband, shot dead by a sniper’s bullet in Afghanistan. Tiana has kept romance at arm’s length, fearful that whoever she loves could once again be taken from her. But she can’t deny how unsettled she feels whenever Michael is near.

Easy on the Eyes will not disappoint Jane Porter fans. Known for her great characterization, Porter again creates richly textured and complex personalities. She also brings into the mix characters we’ve met in her earlier books, her friends Marta and Shey. This book is a little different, though, as it seems to incorporate less humor and more self-analysis by her character. Of course, Tiana is at a point of transition in her life and career, so the shift in tone is realistic. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of Porter’s trademark sass to keep readers smiling.

The Book

5 Spot Books / Hachette
July 2009
Trade Paperback
Fiction / Chick-Lit
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Deb Kincaid
Reviewed 2009
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