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Four Wives

by Wendy Walker


Four talented housewives, who live living in the affluent suburb of Hunting Ridge, are planning a charity gala, but their lives are beginning to distract them.

There is Love Weld, a child prodigy who is plagued by her secret past with her father. Marie Passeti is a young lawyer who left her brilliant career in New York City to live a suburban life with her husband, Anthony, who has become obsessed with the game of golf. She becomes unexpectedly attracted to her young intern, Randy. Gayle Beck, who is a member of a very influential and wealthy family, has a husband, Troy, who physically abuses her. While Janie Kirk, whose perfect beauty has been achieved by surgery, is unable to resist atttention from any male. These women seek to find their own paths in life.

Four Wives might be considered a scenario from Desperate Housewives, except that there is little explicit sex, violence or unnatural behavior. The friendship and support of the women for each other is most pervasive. We are given a close look into marriage and motherhood in affluent suburbia.

An enjoyable, well-written first novel.

The Book

St. Martin's Press
April 2, 2009
Trade Paperback
General Fiction
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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