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The Girl She Used To Be

by David Cristofano


The Girl She Used To Be is David Cristofano’s first novel.  Having worked for the Federal Government for several years, the author brings to the table an insider’s view of the way such official agencies operate.  He relates experiences that feel so realistic it makes you wonder if this could be a true tale at heart, although the disclaimer assures readers that it is fiction.

I absolutely loved reading this book.  It captures the essence of contemporary life, romance, mystery, suspense, and the feeling that if just one circumstance in any of our lives had been different, such an unhappy adventure could happen in the blink of an eye.

Melody Grace McCartney was only six years old when she and her parents were accidental witnesses to a brutal mob killing, and placed into a WITSEC program (Witness Protection Program).  Her identity changed many times during the years, chiefly because she was prone to revealing her true name.  After her parents were killed, she was alone in the world and quite often became bored and dissatisfied with her faux lives as provided by the Feds.

At age 26, she is approached by a man who has close family ties to the mob family who killed her parents and now want to kill her.  Yet this man holds a powerful attraction for Melody and she decides to leave Federal protection to be with him.  Whether this turns out to be the start of the wonderful new life that she wants and needs, or a very bad idea, remains to be seen throughout most of the book.

I finished the book in record time and wanted to write this review immediately, while the feelings and thoughts I had about the story and the characters were fresh in my mind.  This book should appeal to a wide array of readers, women and men, those who love suspense and those who enjoy romance.

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Grand Central Publishing / Hachette Book Group
March 19, 2009
Fiction / Literary / Suspense
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