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The Glassblower of Murano

by Marina Fioroto


Corradino Manin's family was brutally murdered by Venice's Council of Ten. He was saved because his patron saw his prodigious gift for glassblowing. He hid on the island of Murano where his skill surpassed even the best of the existing glassblowers. The gift of making glass was jealously guarded by the government.

Corradino's extraordinary skill attracts the attention of French King, Louis XII. He is invited to use his talent in helping to create the hall at Versailles. Even though it means leaving his beloved daughter, Leonora, who is separated from him, he escapes to Paris and creates the now famous Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

There is a second plot... that of the present day Leonora, the present descendent of Corrdino. To escape the end of her unhappy marriage she goes to Venice. There she hopes to enhance her skill as a glassblower. There she also begins to learn more about her mysterious ancestor and his fate.

The Glassblower of Murano is a thoroughly entertaining novel. It is an intriguing blend of history, art, politics and romance. It is the story of love, devotion and betrayal. The author has thoroughly researched and recreated the world of the 17th century glassblower. The reader gains a knowledge of the art of glassblowing. The characters are true to life with the hopes and fears of living people. There is the sense of time and place, allowing the reader to experience the events. This is a story which will hold your attention continually. Don't miss it!

Highly recommended.

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St Martins Griffin
May 26, 2009
Trade Paperback
139780312386986 / 100312386982
Fiction / Venice 1681 and 2008
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