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Glitter Baby

by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Glitter Baby is an engrossing novel of fiction to read.  Originally published in 1987, Glitter Baby is even better in 2009.  It is a well-written novel that will draw you into its pages immediately and keep you glued there to the very end.

Fleur Savagar grew up in a convent school in Europe, neglected by her own parents.  As a teenager she comes to America with her mother, Belinda, and becomes America's top model and most famous face. She becomes known as the "Glitter Baby".  Fleur is beautiful to everyone but herself.  Pushed into modeling and acting by her manipulative mother, Fleur is anything but happy.


It is not until Fleur distances herself from her mother and begins living her own life that she begins to find happiness and reconciliation with her past.  The mysteries of her youth begin to come to light and Fleur learns of her biological father, the father she never knew.  Through courage, strength, and perseverance, Fleur overcomes the obstacles she faces in life and finds the happiness she's always longed for.

The Book

Avon Books / An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
December 30, 2008 (reprint, orig pub 1987)
Mass Market Paperback
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2009
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