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Gone to the Dogs

by Mary Guterson


When Rena drove by the house of her ex-boyfriend Brian, his veterinarian girlfriend's yellow Labrador Retriever just happened to jump into the passenger seat of her car.  So what else could she do but take him home with her?  The problem was, she had too much else going on to take him back.  Her wacky, divorced mother is serious with a new boyfriend whom Rena thinks thinks looks like a serial killer.  Her sister, who seemed to be happy with her Orthodox Jewish marriage, has suddenly stopped wearing her wig. Her family is on a mission to fix her up with a new man who encourages her to return the dog, settle her issues with Brian, and find a job that makes her happy.

Gone to the Dogs is a totally entertaining story about a neurotic, disorganized and insecure young woman who must solve a few problems before she can find a happy life.  The story is rich with comic relief with good, hilarious and breezy dialogue.  You have to love Tilly—"The Big Guy"—the Labrador Retriever.

Recommended for an evening when you need a relaxing, laugh-inducing read.

The Book

St Martins Press  / Macmillian
July 7 2009
Trade paperback
978-0-312-54179-8 / 0-312-54179-1
General fiction
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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