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High is the Eagle
The Kane Legacy, Book 3

by Al & JoAnna Lacy

      The Mexican-American War rages on and Santa Anna is hell bent on ensuring that he defeats the Americans.  President James K. Polk sends out a plea for volunteers to help stop the madman general and his plans of destruction.

The Kane brothers, Alamo, Alex, and Able, have been sent home by General Zachary Taylor to be with their families.  When they hear that President Polk is enlisting support, they know that they must risk their lives once again to defend the country they believe in supporting.

It is assured that the Kane family is about to embark on the bloodiest battle they have yet to encounter.  Will they all be able to live and return home to their families?  Or will they die for a cause they believe is worth defending?

The third and final installment to the Kane Legacy offers high, intense drama.  You will literally be glued to your chair as you discover how this wonderful series ends.  Many times I caught myself shutting my eyes and praying for the beloved characters who have grown to close to my heart.  Rest assured you will not be disappointed in how this series ends.  Very high recommended.

The Book

Multnomah Books
July 15, 2008
159052926X / 978-1590529263
Historical Fiction / 1846-1848 U.S./ Mexico
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Reviewed 2009
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