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Hollywood is Like High School With Money

by Zoey Dean


Taylor Henning leaves her boyfriend and small-town life behind in Ohio to pursue her dream of making movies in Hollywood.  Before actually putting her film degree to use, however, she needs to start at the bottom of the business as a second assistant at Metronome Production Studios.  Her job entails answering phones, making smoothies, and doing unpleasant errands for everyone above her—which means nearly everyone there, except for the unpaid interns.

At her job, she’s abused by her supervisor and during her off-hours, she finds herself at the mercy of unscrupulous men.  Taylor refuses to give up though, and enlists the help of teenaged Quinn, the savvy daughter of a studio executive at Metronome.  With Quinn’s assistance, she soon learns all the Hollywood power plays and power players, because essentially Hollywood is like high school.  And Taylor didn’t really enjoy high school that much the first time around.  Altering her clothing style, behavior, personality, and code of ethics, Taylor works her way up the corporate ladder, leaping several steps at a time.

Author Zoey Dean, who also wrote the best-selling The A-List series and Privileged, which was adapted into a weekly television series, provides another story easily adaptable to the small or big screen.  Filled with beautiful people behaving badly, and ripe with name dropping and product placement on nearly every page, this novel offers a snarky view of Hollywood insiders betraying their co-workers, using others shamelessly, and fearlessly waxing their body parts.  Hollywood is Like High School With Money gives readers a fun romp through Tinsel Town that might serve as an invitation to the brave and a cautionary tale to the timid, who want to try their hand at making movies.

The Book

Grand Central Publishing / Hachette Book Group
July 2009
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NOTE: Profanity, Crudeness, and Sexuality

The Reviewer

Leslie Halpern
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Leslie Halpern is the author of Reel Romance: The Lovers' Guide to the 100 Best Date Movies, Dreams on Film, A Writer's Guide to Fearless Interviews, and the co-author of Connections: A Collection of Poems. Coming Soon: Passionate About Their Work: Celebrities, Artists, and Experts Discuss Creativity.
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