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If Tomorrow Never Comes

by Marlo Schalesky


Childhood sweethearts, Kinna and Jimmy Henley, have married but their marriage is at risk. Kinna is obsessed with having a baby. All the years of attempts to conceive have failed. In desperation Kinna, a nurse, steals some vials of fertility drugs. She plans to seduce her husband and pray that this time, using the drugs, will produce the desired pregnancy.

Her plan fails when Jimmy is fired from his construction job. He comes home angry and unwilling to perform as she desires. A bitter argument follows with Jimmy leaving the house and Kinna fleeing to the beach where they had so many dreams. There she rescues an old woman, Thea, from the sea. With her Kinna sets in motion reconciliation and acceptance. Jimmy discovers his abusive father Joe, after 20 years, and learns to be a son and a man. Both Kinna and Jimmy have lost their faith in God and railed against the course their lives have taken. Between Thea’s and Joe's help they renew their faith.

This is a beautiful but bittersweet story of dreams unfulfilled; the story of a woman longing for a baby who almost loses her marriage because of that. The characters are well developed and likable, with problems the reader can identify with. It is full of surprises, such as the mystery of the locket from the past. It is inspiring to see God's work in the lives of the two people who are so in love but who have lost their way.

The Book

Multomah Books
March 17, 2009
Trade paperback
1601420242 / 9781601420244
Inspirational fiction
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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