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Jack London in Paradise
A Novel

by Paul Malmont


It has been a rough year for Jack London. Just completed, his Northern California home, Wolf House, has mysteriously burned before the writer could move in, and now Jack and his wife, Charmian, are headed for the Hawaiian Islands for a much-needed rest.

As they immerse themselves in the tropical paradise Jack's one-time friend, movie director Hobart Bosworth, follows him to Hawaii with the intention of convincing the famed writer to provide one more story that can be transformed into a Hollywood blockbuster.

Placing the legendary and often troubled icon of early 20th century American fiction at the center of this novel was a stroke of genius. Malmont not only looks at the final years of a man who is largely forgotten today, but he also investigates London's little know relationship with the movie maker who produced such film classics as The Sea Wolf and John Barleycorn.

Although London scholars may dispute much of this book (remember, it is a work of fiction) it is a highly entertaining read. Undoubtedly, the principal character himself would appreciate Malmont's story-telling abilities and give the author high marks for creating a ripping good yarn!

The Book

Simon & Schuster
January 2009
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2009
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