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Journey To The Well

by Diana Wallis Taylor


The story in which Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well is a well-known one, but here is a novel that puts flesh on the bare bones of what we read in the New Testament. Marah has had an eventful and tragic life; five husbands of varying types that range from the man she loves to a cruel brute, with all shades in between. This is her story.

Told from a third person viewpoint, this is the imaginary tale of why the woman might have had five husbands and also why she was not married to her current partner. Going back after her meeting at the well to her first marriage to an older man at age thirteen, this is never less than compelling and involving. In addition to the emotional and inspirational side of the novel there are also plenty of vivid descriptions of the landscape and daily lives of the characters.

Ms. Taylor also manages to weave in a couple of other Bible stories, which manages to make the tale seem rather far-fetched—a pity, as this is otherwise a good novel. If you havenít read any Biblical fiction and think it might be not to your taste, give this a try as it manages to be exciting, moving and thought-provoking all in one modest volume.

The Book

Revell (Baker Publishing)
17 April 2009
0800733096 / 9780800733094
Historical fiction / 1st Century AD / Palestine
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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