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The Last Mango in Texas

by Ray Blackston


Kyle Mango has joined a fraternity at Texas Tech University, but he's not at all sure that it was the right move for him.  When he meets Gretchen at a party in the frat house, he is immediately drawn to her, and with her help, they sneak his belongings out the window and out of the fraternity house.

Since Gretchen has oiled birds and environmental issues on her mind and is not romantically inclined, they drift apart, but Kyle can't get her off his mind.  When his uncle wills several hundred acres of Texas to Kyle, along with four operating oil wells, he has his hands full trying to operate his newly acquired business.  He hires his old college roommate to help with that, and risks everything to follow Gretchen to Alaska, where she is cleaning bird victims of an oil spill.  The big obstacle to their budding relationship turns out to be Regina, Gretchen's rabidly environmentalist companion.

Kyle must choose between his blossoming oil business and Gretchen.  Blackston writes with a great sense of humor in this wonderfully entertaining novel, as Kyle wrestles with his career, his family (whom he supports), and his relationship with God, all while pursuing Gretchen, and trying to do his part for the world's destitute.

I love the conflicted characters and fast moving, hilarious action in this story, and would like to see Kyle Mango in further adventures. Ray Blackston has definitely found his niche in the literary world.  This story not only entertains, but gives the reader some serious issues to think about.

The Book

FaithWords / Hachette
March 13, 2009
0446579610 / 978-0446579612
Fiction / General / Christian
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Reviewed 2009
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