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Legs Talk
A Modern Girlís Dating Tale

by D.E. Boone


A simple little book, Legs Talk is a witty read with a story told by a pair of legs.† The book features common witticisms accompanied by black and white pictures of the legs, which fall for and then get over a guy who has a leg fetish.† This is primarily a book of photos in which the nameless legs are the main character, with supporting roles from a disappearing man and a dog.

The author marries the concept of photography with quotes and follows the relationship of a couple from start to finish.† The problem is, the man is only interested in the womanís legs.

This little book is good gag gift, perhaps.† Otherwise, I canít really think of a place for it unless itís passed around among friends for a chuckle.† Itís cute for a minute, but the price is a bit high for what the book delivers.

The Book

Global Force Media, LLC
February 2009
978-0-9797453-4-8 / 0-9797453-4-9
Fiction / graphic novel
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Jerry Parzer
Reviewed 2009
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