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The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

by Tiffany Baker


In this intriguing novel Tiffany Baker offers a new "take" on the classic Ugly Duckling story.  When Truly Plaice's mother was carrying her, the local citizens (at least the men) placed wagers on how large she would be at birth. With her mother stretched to epic proportions, the prognosticators pushed their estimates higher and higher.

Truly didn't disappoint them, but unfortunately there was a heavy price to be paid for her enormity. The child's mother died shortly after her birth. Motherless and with an older sister who physically was everything a young woman should be, Truly didn't have an easy life growing up.

When Serena Jane, the elder sister, marries the son of the town doctor, the Baker girls' lives become intertwined with the Morgan clan. While Truly is working for her brother-in-law she uncovers some centuries old secrets hidden away in book written by an early Morgan wife.

Thanks to this forgotten document, Truly has information that can radically change not only her sister's family's life but also shake Aberdeen to its very core. Like the character herself, the power she holds and the demons she can unleash at the drop of a hat are larger than life.

A remarkable novel about relationships, small town life, and the realization that love comes in various sized containers, Tiffany Baker's literary debut, like her heroine, stretches the imagination. It also goes to show that in some instances a very good thing does indeed come in a very large package!

The Book

Grand Central Publishing
January 2009
General Fiction
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2009
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