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Lovers and Gamblers

by Jackie Collins


Jackie Collins is one of those writers who writes books all women want to read. Why? Because life just doesn't happen like that!  She puts so much detail into her books, her characters come alive in front of your eyes, and they do things that most of us have dreamed of doing.  Reality, No; Fantasy, Yes!

Al King seemed to have it all.  A wife, a son, a huge house in England and a singing career. But in fact, Al was not a happy man.  How could he be?  Life just seemed to happen for him.  No thought, no reason, it just did.

Getting ready for a tour means getting all of your puzzle pieces back at home together.  Making sure that you have everything that you need while on the road and try as hard as you can to make sure that you take time out for you.  Sleeping and eating come to mind.  Al is not very good at this part of it.  He is always trying to prove that he still has what it takes to keep the crowds and groupies chasing after him.  So much so, that when he takes a fancy to Dallas Lunde, who will not give him the time of day, that makes him so angry that he just has to prove that he can get her too.

How will Al make his life his own?  Can he be happy just being himself?  We all age, unfortunately; Al has a hard time with that concept.  He needs to prove himself—to whom? not sure—but he does.  He treats woman like things instead of people.  He really is not a nice guy, and he hates that about himself, deep down; but for show, he has to keep up the theatrics.

Dallas. on the other hand, has to prove that she has more value than just being the prostitute that she really is.  Can she have a real life, a real family and a real existence?  Every turn she makes brings her back to the prostitution days she thought were behind her.

As with all of Jackie Collins' books, this will take you on a roller coaster ride from beginning to end.  Very graphic details, language and storyline.

This is one of those books that you should read to pass the time in an enjoyable way.  No mental effort necessary; just sit back and enjoy it for the pure entertainment it is.

The Book

Grand Central Publishing / Hachette
1991 / reprint
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2009
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