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Love The One You're With

by Emily Giffin


Ellen Dempsey has been happily married to Andy Graham. Andy is the brother of Ellen's college roommate, Margot, member of a wealthy Atlanta family. She has a full career as a freelance photographer in New York. On a street walk†in New York she happens to run into Leo. Leo, a moody writer, was her first love who left her and broke her heart.

Now seeing him again after eight years she finds that she still has feelings for him. She wonders whether the life she has now is the one she really wants or does she want to forsake it all for Leo. When Andy's career takes them from life in New York City to suburban Atlanta Ellen becomes overwhelmed by the Graham family. She harbors feelings of resentment and inadequacy. Their marriage begins to crumble. Her involvement with Leo increases. Her relationship with her best friend, Margot, dissolves while her sister, Suzanne, beseeches her to save her marriage.

Love the One You're With is a sensitive and provocative †book. The problems Ellen faces and the decisions she must make are ones to which the reader can relate. The characters are warm and lifelike with troubled relationships. The plot is well-written and entertaining with vivid descriptions of Ellen's †previous life with Leo. There are also glimpses of the true Southern way of life.

The Book

St. Martinís Press Griffin
April 21,2009
Trade Paperback
General Fiction
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2009
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