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Love to Water My Soul
Dreamcatcher series, book # 2

by Jane Kirkpatrick

      Love to Water My Soul by Jane Kirkpatrick is a well written, highly detailed book, which keeps you focused on the tale the author spins.

Asiam is just a child when she gets left behind on the wagon trail heading west.††She is desperate to find her family, yet elated when†she is found by Indians and taken back to their tribe to live.††Life for Asiam is hard, much harder than what you†or I would†ever have to endure, but she is lucky to be alive and even more lucky to have food in her belly and a place to sleep, even if itís in the corner†on the floor like a dog.

This book will take you to many†places emotionally, and some of them not†very pleasant.† Keep in mind that this young girl just wants to belong somewhere and,†as long as she lives, she will never give†up the hope of someday finding her real family.† But for now, this is her family and she will make the best of it.

The Indians have a tradition called the naming ceremony, and when a young girl reaches the age of womanhood,† she is given an Indian name to be called from this time forward.† Asiam finds herself†becoming a woman, and so, as part of this Indian tribe, she is†honored with the name Shell Flower.† Life from here on out will be†a struggle for Shell Flower, but for her, itís enough just to be alive.

Join in the discoveries that Shell Flower will make in this†second book of the Dreamcatcher series.† Jane is very familiar with the Paiute traditions and ceremonies and you will see bits and pieces of the way life was, way back when, in the pages of this novel.† Sit back, grab a cup of cocoa and share in the experience of Shell Flower.

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Waterbrook Press / a division of Random House
September 16, 2008
Trade Paperback
Fiction / Christian
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