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The Makedown

by Gitty Daneshvari


The Makedown by Gitty Daneshvari is a very well written book, which I enjoyed reading.

Anna Norton, a typical girl, from a very typical dysfunctional household, grows into a typical   adult.The one thing not so typical about Anna is her obsession with food and the fact that she is way overweight.

The United States is fat, we hear about it all of the time.  Kids are lazy and do nothing but play video games or waste away on a computer.  Adults are couch potatoes who have no energy and no drive.  As we age, our lifestyles only get lazier until finally it’s all over and we die.

OK, so maybe I misspoke!  Anna is typical in every way!

The one thing about Anna, she knows she's fat, she does not like to hear it, but it’s a fact that she is very familiar with. She has been this way all of her life.  Until one day!

Anna moves from a small town in Ohio to the Big Apple with a dream to land that perfect job and live that perfect life.  Well one thing works to her favor, she does land that perfect job, it’s just at the time she doesn't realize that it's perfect for her.

Down and out in New York with hardly any money to her name, Anna walks into a temporary agency looking for work.  The only job available is the assistant to a caterer who has a very hard time keeping employees.  Anna takes the job.  To her amazement, Janice, the owner of the business, will become her best friend and lifecoach.

Ben Reynolds is every girl’s fantasy.  He's gorgeous and caring and makes the ladies turn their heads when he walks into a room.  Anna is madly in love with him and dreams about their lives together from afar.  Ben however, truly likes Anna and they begin to date.

Knowing that her man could be taken away from her at any moment, Anna decides to do the unthinkable,  she needs to make her man less attractive.  So she puts project "The Makedown" into motion and begins immediately making over her man.

What I liked about this story is the fact that everyone reading this book can picture themselves in this very situation.  What would you do and how would you feel if your significant other was prettier than you?  Is it true what they say, there can only be one pretty person in each relationship, two and you are doomed!  Think about it and enjoy this very moving story!  Well done Gitty!

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5 Spot / Hachette Book Group
February 2009
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