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One Perfect Gift
Culdee Creek Christmas

by Kathleen Morgan


Nurse Jessica Ashmore lost her husband and her money in the Wall Street Crash, and now is out of work.† But she has the prospect of a new start and a new nursing job near Colorado Springs, a fresh start for her and her six-year-old daughter Emma away from her mother-in-law.† When she is met with the devastating news that the job has fallen through, she is instead given a temporary post nursing the wife of a rancher, who has recently had a stroke.† The MacKay family welcomes the Ashmores, all except for the son Sean who wants them gone.† But why?

Anybody who has read the other Culdee Creek books will welcome the opportunity for another visit, and even if this is your first encounter this story does stand alone from the others.† Both Jessica and Sean have had less than happy marriages and while Jessica is still a believer, Sean has turned his back on religion and is consequently lost and angry.† This is an uplifting novella for Christmas, a story where the characters get to think over what is missing in their lives and why they have lost their way.† You donít need to be a Christian though to enjoy this; there is plenty in here for anybody who enjoys this type of cheering read.† If you, like myself, love a feelgood book then I can promise that this is one—after all, it is for Christmas!† I am not normally a fan of short stories and usually find many novellas rather thin, but this is an entry in an established series so there is less sketching in to do and consequently more story to enjoy.

The Book

Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
September 1, 2008
0800718836 / 9780800718831
Fiction / Inspirational [1933 Colorado]
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NOTE: Christmas read

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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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