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The Penny Pinchers Club

by Sarah Strohmeyer


Faced with credit-card debt up to her ears and evidence that her husband may be leaving her for a younger woman, Kat joins the the Penny Pinchers Club in order to save enough money for a divorce or money to live on. Added to the stress of dealing with all of this, Kat's old flame shows up at exactly the wrong time.

Some of the practices of the Penny Pinchers are rather amusing and make for a good story, but raiding garbage dumpsters for a source of food, while amusing, is taking saving to a much too far length.

The reader will sense that something is wrong and Kat and Griff should not be getting a divorce. They have sex and it can be a little explicit, but it is presented in such a way that one says, "Yes, that is a good portrayal of healthy sex and not the salacious, degrading kind found in many modern novels.

Each of the Penny Pinchers has their story told, and each one is different and interesting. Whether by design or just coincidence, the author has penned a book to coincide with the economic downturn which finds many of us looking for ways to cut back, and many of the cutbacks making a lot of sense. Many of us readers see some of our characteristics in Kat as we look around and see how wasteful we are as we buy things for show more than for use.

This is a delightful novel that will amuse you and at the same time give you pause to think about how we can make better use of our resources.

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July 2, 2009
Fiction / General
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NOTE: Sexually Explicit

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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2009
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