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Pieces of Eight
Sequel to Flint and Silver

by John Drake


This is the sequel to the Treasure Island (Amazon US || UK) prequel Flint and Silver (also reviewed on this site) and follows on directly after the events in this first novel. Long John Silver and his crew are marooned on the island with the treasure—but with no way of getting either it or themselves away. Meanwhile, Joseph Flint is away at sea with Serena, raising an army to take the island by storm and bear away the goods. But he has a secret that he is not going to share... the fact that he does not intend to share the treasure with anybody!

As with Flint and Silver, this is Treasure Island for adults, although most of the gore and violence present in the first prequel is absent here. There is much in here to enjoy; stirring nautical adventure, some memorable characters, a whole Native American nation afloat and various plot twists and turns. I was never bored, but as with the earlier book the principal reason for enjoying this book (and the memory that surely most readers will take away from it) is the stunning depiction of Captain Flint. He strides through the novels like a colossus, dominating to such a degree that any part of the novel not containing his vibrant personage is rather dimmed. He is cut from whole cloth, whereas, of course, it is Silver who is remembered from Treasure Island. Here he seems diminished, not quite the pirate (and certainly not the dashing pirate) but more of an unfortunate soul driven by circumstances beyond his control to do what anybody would do in his place. He is sensible, likeable and intelligent but not much more. Once again the sinister character of Blind Pew, mentioned by Stevenson as a force to be reckoned with, is only mentioned once, doing some useful minor task—why is he so clearly missing? These gripes beside (this was my favorite childhood novel after all), this novel promises plenty of stirring adventure, and whatever happens in the third and final book of the trilogy to look forward to.

The Book

HarperCollins UK
July 2009
0007268955 / 9780007268955
Historical Adventure / 1752 / Caribbean etc
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Some violence

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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