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Pork Chops

by Judith Anne Lyden


Who says parishes are quiet places of prayer where nothing ever happens? If you've ever wondered what really goes on inside a parish, you might consider this first novel by Judith Anne Lyden.

Anne Lynch has an agenda. She leaves her husband temporarily, packs her suitcase, and infiltrates her old parish school to find out what the old priests are up to. For one thing, they want to get rid of all the over-forty teachers and hire young, new ones. Posing as a cook, Anne gains access to their hearts and—with her delicious meals—their stomachs. The story includes an array of quirky characters that seem to drive each other crazy throughout most of the book.

Pork Chops is a Christian novel with touches of humor that will appeal to readers who love elements of food and cooking in their fiction. Though the story moves at a slow pace, the dialogue is interesting and the author does bring to life the commonplace aspects of a rectory and the people who inhabit it. The descriptions of food add an element of novelty. The strength of this novel is in the spunky protagonist's voice more than the plot, as there's not much action in the book. That said, Anne's observations about human nature and the people around her are interesting and there's a genuine honesty in the prose that comes through in the pages.

The Book

Whiskey Creek Press
January 2009
Fiction / Mainstream / Humor
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The Reviewer

Mayra Calvani
Reviewed 2009
NOTE: Reviewer Mayra Calvani has published three novels for adults: a paranormal titled Embraced by the Shadows, horror thriller Dark Lullaby, and, most recently, women's fiction / satire Sunstruck. She has also written two books for children, The Magic Violin and Crash!, and co-authored The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing, a USA Book News Best Books award finalist.
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