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The Power Play to End the Car

by B. B. Bunting


The Power Play to End the Car by B. B Bunting is a fictional story about an engineer who tries to convince business leaders, politicians, and even the head of state of a small island nation off the coast of Africa to support and implement his transportation vision based on a wheel-less, environment-friendly vehicle called the Amcar.

The story opens with a bedridden and dying elderly man recounting bits and pieces of his life experiences connected with his promotion of the Amcar concept over a period of decades, beginning in the early 1900’s. The story is fiction, but the Amcar concept is not. The author has apparently obtained some related patents, and, by founding The Power Play upon true engineering principles, creates a level of plausibility for the wheel-less, road-less transportation story’s basis.

Around 100 pages into the book, there is a small but compelling section that appears in the story as a document presented to business and government leaders. That section and the book’s interesting prologue provide food for thought, suggesting not just another alternative to the gasoline-powered engine, but to toxic tires and requisite roadways as well. Intriguing premise, but poorly related. Sadly, the story is incoherent, and abundant with immaterial and irrelevant prose. The Power Play to End the Car unfortunately fails to sustain the reader’s interest.

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Reviewed 2009
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