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The Road Home

by Rose Tremain


Lev is traveling to London from Eastern Europe after he loses his job and his wife. He leaves his mother, daughter and best friend in order to make a better living for himself and be able to provide for his daughter. When he finally gets to London, he is forced to find shelter, find a job, and make some friends in order to survive. Lev is also forced to deal with the homesickness that he feels and wonders if he will ever be able to return home.

Lev is a strong character and somehow makes it work for himself once he arrives in London. This reader cannot imagine that many would have the luck that Lev appeared to have in finding work and shelter.  Lev is similar to many others who have tried to make a better life for themselves and the families they are forced to leave behind in poorer countries. Unlike many, Lev is able to find a huge part of himself and make it work for him and his daughter.

Readers who enjoy contemporary novels should enjoy The Road Home.

The Book

Back Bay Books / Hachette
May 2009
Fiction / General
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NOTE: Winner of Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction, Winner of the Whitbread Novel of the Year (Music and Silence)

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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2009
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