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Shadow of the Soul

by Sylvia Rochester

      A mother's love can never be broken...

High in the Cascade Mountains, way atop a lonely hill, a she-wolf stared in disbelief as her eyes traveled over her dead wolf pups.  She had been too late to save them from the rogue who had murdered them.  This sad day would always haunt her memory.

Another mother was also in trouble in those frigid, desolate mountains. Aaron and Leah Moore were expecting their first child.  They had moved to the mountains to allow Aaron to live out his dream of being a trapper.  An unsuccessful winter had convinced them to move back to the town of Lizard Creek to raise their new family.

As Aaron was loading the last of their supplies onto the wagon, Leah's cries of pain signaled that she had gone into labor.  This being her first child, the labor was long and her pain was intense.  Then at the first light of day their child came into the world.

Silence filled the air as Aaron recognized something was wrong with his son. As he wiped the blood and mucus from his son's mouth he stared in horror at the child's face.  Before he was able to act, he was called back to Leah's side when another unexpected labor pain consumed her.  They were unaware that she had been carrying twins.  Moments later a girl was born and she was perfect in every way.  Her joyous cries filled the room. Aaron placed his daughter in his wife's arms and knew he had a very hard decision to make concerning his disfigured son, whose shallow breaths convinced Aaron the boy was not long for this world.  Aaron worried too about the ridicule the family would endure because of the boy's disfigurement.

He convinced Leah their son had died.  He went out back to bury him alive. After digging the shallow grave, he reached back and accidentally nudged the bundled baby. He watched in horror as the infant plunged over the side of the cliff.

Fate has a way of stepping in and turnings one's destiny around...and lies once told will again resurface...

Shadow of the Soul has all the potential elements needed to make is a successful Hallmark Movie Channel Award Winning feature.  Sylvia Rochester, stand up and take a bow; you have written a perfect masterpiece.  These beloved characters will wrap their way around your heart and refuse to let go.  This is a tale where you cannot stop once you start.  I was so impressed with this author's story that I can't wait for the second installment from this highly addictive author.  Very highly recommended.

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Wings ePress
July 2008
1597057266 / 978-1597057264
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Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2009
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