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Stormy Weather

by Geri Buckley

      Fifty year old Vonda Kay Thayer lives in Florida's Panhandle with her husband of thirty years, Jerome, her monster mother-in-law, and her two youngest and irresponsible daughters.  She's recently taken to stalking her husband, lying in wait with a pair of camo-colored binoculars.  Currently Jerome appears to be attempting to storm the fortress of a shaggy blonde.  When Vonda's very pregnant eldest daughter, Amelie, becomes discontent with her own deadbeat husband she moves back in with Vonda and family.  As if Vonda, Jerome, Catherine, Charlotte, Jerome's mother (Miss Ludie), and Amelie aren't enough of family living together under one roof, Jerome's estranged father, Cletus Thayer, gets thrown out of the nursing home he resided in and with nowhere else to go, shows up on the Thayer's front porch step.

Vonda is growing weary of her mediocre life and routine relationship with Jerome, not to mention his cheating on her.  She now longs for passion and excitement and determines it is time for change.  Somewhere on life's road Vonda had fallen into a pothole and was determined to find her way out of it.  She begins to change the rules and Jerome and family don't like the new rules.

When Stella, a category five hurricane, slams into the Florida Panhandle with sustained winds of one hundred sixty miles an hour and a tidal surge of thirty feet, the Thayer family decides to ride out the storm together.  The storm is raging both inside and outside the Thayer home and many changes are soon to come.

Stormy Weather is an enjoyable and entertaining book.  The characters are well developed and the plot well thought out.  Geri Buckley is a talented story teller and I truly enjoyed this story.  I enjoyed reading Stormy Weather and am looking forward to more books by Geri Buckley (and hopefully some will include  the characters I was introduced to in Stormy Weather).

The Book

The Berkeley Publishing Group
December 2, 2008
Trade Paperback
General Fiction
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Connie Harris
Reviewed 2009
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