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Summer on Blossom Street
Blossom Street, Book 5

by Debbie Macomber


Lydia Goetz, owner of A Good Yarn, offers a new class called Knit to Quit. The premise is that anyone who wants to quit something can join and learn how to knit a scarf. It is made for any level of knitter. The reasons people join are as different as the people themselves. People joined to get over their relationships, establish a healthy lifestyle and to quit smoking. Meanwhile all the other locals who work on Blossom Street are dealing with the twists and turns in their own lives.

Debbie Macomber does an amazing job of continuing to keep her characters fresh and alive. All of the characters appear genuine and real. You will have the characters that people like and the characters that people cannot stand. The relationships between the characters do not seemed forced as in some other popular novels. The stories of these characters are done realistically and in real life situations.

The locale of the yarn shop adds a homey feel to the novel, just like the others that take place on Blossom Street. It adds a centralized location to Summer on Blossom Street  while not taking over the entire novel.

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MIRA Books
May 2009
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