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Surreal in Saudi

by M.D. Kavanwal

      Surreal in Saudi is an excellent book!  M.D. Kavanwal does an outstanding job of weaving the inconsistencies of the Saudi Arabian culture into a very believable story.  A gripping novel and a must read for anyone interested in learning of another culture so unlike our own.  Well done!

Emma Gildcrest is a nurse from Canada who takes an assignment to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia.  It is at the King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that the nurses from the west are working, and it is the hospital that assures their safety.  Emma is working the VIP unit taking care of the elite of the country.

Just days after Emma's arrival in Saudi Arabia, her roommate, Rose Casio, who is from New Zealand, is arrested.  The charges against her are serious: being disrespectful to a man, laughing in a public place, wearing too much makeup, and being alone with a man.  The penalty for these charges in Saudi Arabia is death by stoning.

Emma finds herself a female in a foreign land that disrespects women and renders them powerless.  Believing God wants her here for a reason, she searches for her purpose for being in Saudi Arabia.

Emma, along with another nurse from Australia, take the assignment to care for Princess Liynaa in her palace in Jeddah far away from the safety of the hospital.  It is here that sometimes women just disappear or are hidden deep within palace walls with no hope of escape.

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September 9, 2008
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