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A Sweetness to the Soul
Dreamcatcher Series #1

by Jane Kirkpatrick

      A Sweetness to the Soul by Jane Kirkpatrick is a well-written, highly detailed book that keeps you focused on the tale the author spins.

Jane is the oldest daughter and is growing up in the Oregon wilderness with her parents.† From a young age, she was always relied upon to keep her young brother and sisters safe, until that one day.† They just wanted to get wet; who could have known that her two sisters and brother would come down with an illness that would take their lives in only a few short days.

From then on, Jane felt that her parents never forgave her for her siblings' deaths; and she was right.† Her mom just couldn't let it go.† So when Jane reached the age of 14, she was promised to a much older man to become his young bride within the year.

A stranger named Joseph Sherar showed up while Jane was out doing chores; and from that moment on, she would haunt him for days, even years, until one day he came back for her... only to find out that she was promised to another.† How can he win her hand and eventually her love?

As their lives become joined, the Sherars continue to grow and flourish, providing for themselves and many others along the way.† It seems everything that Joseph Sherar touches turns to gold and so Jane's life is very comfortable and fulfilling except in one aspect, she has never been able to become a mother!

Join Jane and Joseph as they travel into the Oregon wilderness and prove that with dedication, persistence and drive, you can achieve everything you would ever wish for in life.

A good book, written in such a way that you feel a sadness yet elation for this young family as they grow into the great people that they become.

The Book

Multnomah Press
September 2008
Trade Paperback
Historical Fiction / Mid-1800ís Oregon
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2009
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