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A Tuesday like Today

by Cecilia Urbina

      In a country that has been ravaged by horrible atrocities and is filled with ancient mysteries and ruins, three travelers, sharing a common destination, will converge and meet in The Grand Hotelís lobby. Angor Thom and the ancient temples of Cambodia await David Masters-Iturbe and the two sisters Margara and Camila. They each possess a treasure trove of stories to share and help pass the long hours when they are not off exploring the jungles and the temples within them.† Magara starts the storytelling with the tale of their grandmother, Camila Fuentes Ogarrio, and how she met and became infatuated with Francisco Videgaray, a very bad poet with a fiendishly seductive gaze. David sums up their storytelling with a tale of his half-sister Thary, who, before they ever met, already knew everything about him thanks to his secret-keeping mother.

In A Tuesday Like Today, one finds an intriguing tale and a wonderful way to spend a few hours wrapped up in a blanket on the couch or in your favorite chair. I enjoyed this interesting tale and truly believe it was worth a year of translating. Anyone who is ready for a rainy day read should put this on their "to be read" pile.

The Book

Wings Press
November 1, 2008
0916727475 / 978-0916727475
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Christopher Brock-Farrington
Reviewed 2009
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