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An Amish Christmas

By Cynthia Keller


Meg Hobart was living the American dream: a beautiful home in Charlotte, N C, a happy marriage, 3 beautiful children, a successful husband. Then one day it all ended. Her husband, James, was laid off and was pretending to go to work for more than a month, and had lost all their money and their home when a scheme he invested in fell through. Their only option was to live with her difficult parents in Homer, NY.

On the way to Homer with all their belongings in the Mustang, Jame's pride and joy, they had an accident in Pennsylvania with an Amish horse and buggy. The Amish took them into their home. It took at least a week for their car to be repaired and they have to adjust to living a life where even electricity a luxury. The self-centered children had difficulty adjusting to the Amish lifestyle. Meg has to come to terms with her feelings toward what she considers James' betrayal to his family.

This is a pleasant peaceful read. The characters are believable. The gentleness and warmth and inner happiness of the Amish people is portrayed. We learn much of the Amish: the closeness of the family, their work ethic, the marketing of their goods, their existence without modern conveniences, their Christmas traditions. There is a great message here of friendship and kindness.

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October 2010
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2010
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