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Dear John

by Nicholas Sparks
Read by Holter Graham


Dear John is what my daughter would call an "Awww" read.

John lives with his grandfather and father. His grandfather dies, leaving his father to raise him alone. His mother left when he was young. Johnís father is quiet, hard working and obsessed with coins. During his teens John stops sharing the coin obsession and demands a normal life. He leaves to join the army, does a tour of duty and comes home on leave. One evening he comes across some college students on the beach. This is where he meets Savannah Curtis and falls in love. John also has a rival named Tim. Tim attends college with Savannah and wants her back.

This isnít a summer break romance, it covers the life span of these characters. And I have to say this story surpasses poignant and smacks you right in the kisser. It will emotionally suck you in and make you care. I spent the weekend listening to it and I couldnít stop talking about it once it was over. Iím still affected by it.

As far as the audio version goes... WOW, what a listen. Actor Holter Graham narrates the audio version. He also reads The Choice. †His delivery is spot on. In his voice you hear the angry teen, the soldier on leave feeling out-of-pocket, the man falling in love, the anger of betrayal, the need to be loved, the loneliness, and the compassion for others.

Seriously, donít expect to walk away from this one and forget. Itís that good.

The Book

Hachette Audio
December 2009
Audio book / Unabridged edition / 8 CDs / Apps 9 hrs
1600249310 / 978-1600242779
Fiction / General
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Reviewed 2010
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