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Ford County

by John Grisham


In a departure from his legal thrillers, John Grisham has given his readers 7 short stories about the inhabitants of his familiar Ford County, Mississippi.

Two outstanding ones would be:"Blood Drive": a local man is injured at a construction site and is lying in a hospital in Memphis needing blood transfusions. Three of his friends volunteer to give blood and must drive to Memphis to do so. Along the way they are sidetracked by stops for six-packs and a visit to a Memphis strip club.

"Michael's Room": A local lawyer who was successful in defending a doctor against a malpractice suit is kidnapped by the family involved. He is forced to face the consequences of the doctor's malpractice. This changes his life.

Grisham has chronicled Mississippi life with stories full of strong characters. He explores the themes of justice, revenge, mourning, and even evolution. Each story is a gem in itself and gives a strong picture of the character of the inhabitants of the region.

The Book

Doubleday / Random House
November 2009
General Fiction / Anthology / Short Stories
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Barbara Buhrer
Reviewed 2010
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