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Quilt of Joy

by Mary Tatem

      What has quilting to do with Christianity? What on earth can the act of stitching together scraps of cloth tell us about God, and our faith? This is the theme of this book, which illustrates with short stories and twelve popular quilt blocks all manner of useful and thought-provoking things.

Each of the twelve chapters shows an illustration of the block in question and has some detail about its history. Then follows four short (a page or two) stories containing a moral to make us think, complete with a Bible verse, a prayer, and a few lines of explanation. This makes it an ideal book to keep by a bedside and I found myself dipping into it last thing before I turned out the light. Writing a story full of meaning that is this short takes a very special skill, which this author certainly possesses in spades.

Many topics come up in here and there is something for everybody. Leaving home, prison, losing your house in a fire, loneliness, animals, friendship, marriage, and more. They are set at various times in history, from the early days of quilting to today, and tell of the sort of universal problems, blessings and daily happenings that everybody can identify with. This would make a great gift for the quilter in your lifecif you can bear to part with it.

The Book

Revell (Baker Publishing Group)
July 2010
0800733649 / 9780800733643
General Fiction/Inspirational
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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