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Raven: Blood Eye
Raven - Book I

by Giles Kristian


Young Osric does not know where he was born, or even who he is.† He lives in a small village near Wareham in Dorset and works with the man who took him in, a carpenter.† It is a quiet life until the day the Vikings come—and then his world is changed forever.† Osricís blood-red eye and mysterious origins made the village folk shun and fear him, but the Norsemen think that he is blessed by Odin.† The Vikingís chief, Sigurd The Lucky, seems to regard him as a lucky charm, and renames him Raven.† They are destined to have many adventures.

Bernard Cornwell himself gives a glowing opinion of the book on the back cover, and this ought to give you some idea of what to expect.† If you like tales of stirring adventure with plenty of bloodletting and a spot of rape and pillage then this ought to appeal.† Narrated by Osric himself, this one hits the ground running and doesnít let up, with action and drama on every page and an easy-to-read, flowing style that makes the pages turn like lightning.† The characters themselves are well drawn, and bring the book to more vibrant life than action alone could do, making it a memorable tale and setting the scene for book two.† This is a book that ought to have a wide appeal, having an authentic historical ambience and at the same time showing us Vikings as they really must have been.† Stirring stuff!

The Book

Corgi (Transworld UK)
January 2010
0552157899 / 9780552157896
General Historical / 802 onwards Dorset, England and other locations
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NOTE: Violence

The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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