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A Second Helping
A Blessings Novel

by Beverly Jenkins


Beverly Jenkins has been writting books for quite a while, but A Second Helping comes from a differnt place and time within her heart.  You really feel the characters' emotions as you read this book.  The story is set in a little town rebuilt by a lady who has a heart as big as the Wild West. When her marriage ends, and she ends up with more money than she would ever need, she buys a town off eBay!

Henry Adams is a little town that was wiped off the map during a tornado, but Bernadine Brown doesn't care. She needs a fresh start and this town needs one too.  So building the town up from cinders into a great little place to raise your children or anyone's children is what she sets out to do.  Not only does Bernadine come to Henry Adams looking for a fresh start, she brings with her five children who need good homes, love and a place they can belong.  Many different reasons left these five children in the State's care, but Bernadine is determined to make sure that they are able to flourish and grow into productive members of society.

Buildings, homes, a new schoolhouse and refurbrishing the town dining dive "The Dog and Cow" are the first things on Bernadine's list as necessities.  Everyone pitches in, because this town is all about family and helping out your neighbor.  It's a town where you can let your kids play outside without worrying too much about what mischief they can get into, or so you would think.  Everyone watches out for each other.

The new school teacher, Jack James, and his son Eli come to Henry Adams for a fresh start after his wife dies.  Eli needs help putting his past behind him, dealing with his mom's death and moving forward and away from the life he knew in Los Angeles.  Henry Adams will show Eli that he is not the only boy who lost his mom and that he can go on and so can his dad.  While life in Henry Adams is very different than LA, it's a difference that they can use to put back their family back together.

Chrystal, wise beyond her young years, will be an inspiration to both Bernadine and Eli  The daughter of a drug addict mom and a dad she never knew, she will show them that you can get up in the morning with a bright smile on your face if you try hard enough.

Rocky comes back to Henry Adams after a failed marriage and continues in the life and career she left behind, head chef at the "Dog and Cow".  Only problem this time around, her true love has moved on and she will have to accept that and heal her own heart.

Read this book to see how this little town brings hope, love, and family together as it persists in the the values so many young people of today have forgotten all about.  I enjoyed this book and you will too!

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Harper Collins / Avon
January 2010
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Sandie Vega
Reviewed 2010
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