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The Secrets Sister’s Keep

By Abby Drake

Most families have secrets; that’s just the way human beings are. However, some families have such hurtful and deep secrets that no amount of pretense can cover the rifts and estrangements that result from the lies.

“The Secrets Sisters Keep” is a family drama centered on the four Dalton sisters and the choices each has made to hide from their own inner truths. The women come together in New York for the celebration of their Uncle Edward’s seventy-fifth birthday. It’s too bad that Uncle Edward flies the coop and leaves them to their own devices.

As they try to find out just what happened to Uncle Edward, they are forced to deal with each other and secrets are revealed. Carleen, the sister who burned their childhood home to the ground, accidentally causing the death of their parents is not welcome, but when push comes to shove, the others do allow her to help find their wayward uncle.

While not a riveting read, nor an especially touching story, the book is well enough written that once you start it, you will want to read through to the conclusion. While not “soapish” like daytime drama, it reads like the outline of a Lifetime movie.

I recommend this book for women, especially women who have frayed relationships with their sisters. Who knows, if you share the book with your sisters, you might find it gives you an opening to spill your secrets and repair your relationships. I do think there is a target audience for this book, women and sisters. A fast read, good for a rainy day or a cold winter’s afternoon.

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Avon/Harper Collins
October 2010
Trade Paperback
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Laura Hinds
Reviewed 2010
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