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Walks Through Mist
The Dreaming - Book I
Kim Murphy

Coachlight Press
January 2011 / ISBN 0971679096
Historical/Supernatural / Contemporary & early 17th century Virginia
US || UK

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Psychologist Shae Howard finds herself with a most unusual patient to treat; a woman claiming to be from the early 17th century. Phoebe Wynne’s incredible tale sounds too far-fetched to be true, but everything she says and does proclaims her to be a woman from nearly four hundred years ago. Shae’s ex-husband Lee Crowley is interested in Phoebe’s story as it comes out bit by bit during her sessions with Shae, and soon he is also interested in Phoebe herself.

his is a most enjoyable and unusual story from an author with a history of writing historical and supernatural novels. Most people think of Salem when they think of witch trials, but evidence shows that in Virginia it had happened much earlier in the 17th century. Phoebe’s fascinating story is told in her own words which makes it seem more immediate and involving; the rest of the story is told in the third person as she interacts with the modern characters. There is a lot packed into this well paced tale; real history told in a very involving way, relationships of various kinds played out in the past and present, and of course romance. It is easy to overdo any novel involving witch trials and turn it into a melodrama, but this has not happened here and Phoebe comes across as a very real young woman who responds in believable ways to many situations. If you enjoy history, and the rather rare experience of reading a grownup paranormal romance that features neither vampires nor werewolves, then this is surely for you.

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